I, Bill Thornton have been in the textile restoration business for 20 years. I started off working for a rug cleaning company in Boca Raton Florida before starting my own rug cleaning business in 1999. Pride Carpet Cleaning specialized in wall to wall wool rug cleaning. That type of cleaning service brought me into many fine homes and yachts. In early 2000 the popularity of wall to wall carpet was beginning to change and people were starting to remove it from their homes and installing hard surfaces like marble, tile, or wood sometimes just leaving carpet in there bedrooms. Since this trend didn’t look like something that was going to be short lived I decided to pursue furthering my education in vegetable dye wool cleaning and silk rug cleaning.

rug-cleanersSince my client base was affluent I knew I would be cleaning expensive fibers where I needed to know how to properly clean them. As I started in this industry of cleaning rugs I partnered with a well established rug cleaning company called Oriental Rug Care, whom I farmed out my rug cleaning and had been established in South Florida since 1986 (I would later buy that company and relocate it to central Broward). I spent years going to New York and Atlanta to attend as many rug conventions as possible as well as hanging out in rug dealers shops in New York flipping rugs with the owner gaining greater knowledge on the weaving technique used and the origin of the rugs and fibers. This knowledge combined with the rug cleaning training courses that I would take would put me in the position later to take over Oriental Rug Care and build it to be one of largest rug cleaning facility in South Florida and to clean thousands of rugs each year.

I continue to enjoy working in the rug cleaning business and attending the rug cleaning convention each year. Today one of my hobbies is collecting antique wool to stock my repair department. I get a big smile on my face when an employee says, Bill you bought more red wool, how many times are you going to buy red wool! My reply is simple “When they stop making different shades of red… I will stop.”

The staff here at the plant is very knowledgable and we make it convenient to address any rug cleaning concerns you might have. To make it even better, we are now open half days on Saturday. Come by our shop anytime I am always eager to talk about rugs and to learn with an open ear!

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